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Engage your customers and boost revenues with a feature-rich search experience

A predictive, intelligent search will call up exactly what your customers want as quickly as possible. You have the benefit of understanding buyer behavior based on the search, and they find products and convert faster with search autocomplete. Expedite product discovery, improve relevancy, reduce hidden inventory and increase navigation engagement with search enhancements.
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    Product filtering

    Product filtering focuses on the particular product the buyer is searching for, and finds other items they might be interested in purchasing.
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    Navigation ensures hidden inventory pages, poor descriptions or improper categorization never happens.
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    Recommendations make it easy for your customers to make purchasing decisions and not leave an important product behind. Your customers will be happier and your revenues will get a boost.
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    Employ machine learning to create personal experiences by dynamically showing product recommendations based on browsing behavior and purchase history data. The experiences improve over time, creating loyal customers and a higher conversion rate for you.
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    Semantish reduces shopper churn by transforming human language searches into machine-friendly queries. Semantish always brings back relevant results – even when a customer uses multiple terms or a digital personal assistant that are incomprehensible to a typical text-matching search engine.
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    Flexible Fulfillment

    Meet your customers' needs and boost revenues by seamlessly integrating shop by store, curbside pickup, buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) and multiple delivery options including same-day delivery (SSD), all through the same user interface. Reduce delivery and fulfillment costs as well as online cart abandonment.
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    Time of Day Pricing

    Enable flash sales or short-term discounts while maintaining existing sorting and filtering capabilities. Previously restricted to check-out only, we allow for item-specific pricing to be assigned to specific times of the day. Sell products quickly, lower operating and inventory costs.

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