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PANEL DISCUSSION: 2022 eCommerce Holiday Season Trends, Challenges and Solutions: Ultimate tips on tackling the shift in consumer behavior, economic concerns, and supply chain issues.

eCommerce Merchandising Platform

Enables your merchandising team to take control over the entire digital customer experience with GroupBy’s easy-to-use Command Center

Trusted by world leading brands

GroupBy’s Command Center, a sophisticated
merchandising platform

Empowers your merchandising teams to build the most impactful customer campaigns that drive desired outcomes for key business objectives

Curate a frictionless and personalized customer journey

Highlight products that you want to bring right to a customer’s fingertips, optimize customer search queries and boost conversions with merchant rules that adjust for search intent, and product profitability. Develop one-to-one marketing strategies and personalized promotions that are tailored to each customer, building memorable and engaging experiences that attract more shoppers, and increase customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion rates.

Build and optimize targeted campaigns

Build and launch innovative campaigns, promotions, and A/B testing based on consumer behavior, channel, and location. Define biasing profiles to boost or bury products or brands and define rules for when these profiles apply, all without technical support.

Optimize results for key business metrics

Customize search and recommendations strategies for desired business objectives such as click-through rate, conversion rate, or revenue per order. Take it one step further and fine-tune what customers see through business rules, product availability, location, and much more! 

Reduce manual intervention with ML and AI functionality 

Focus on strategic enhancements by reducing manual curation and configuration posed by rule-based systems and vast catalogs with the implementation of a modern ML engine that leverages natural language processing (NLP), advanced query understanding and ranking models that are optimized for revenue and business impact. 

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Merchandising Features & Capabilities

Learn more about GroupBy's Product Discovery Platform

Power your eCommerce site with GroupBy's product discovery technology featuring Google-quality Search and Recommendations using state-of-the-art ML and AI models, Data Enrichment and an intuitive Merchandising platform with actionable analytics.

Product Discovery Platform

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